Warranty and service maintenance

OJSC “Zavod “PROMMASH” develops network for warranty and service maintenance in two directions:

1. Own service center

2. Regional service centers

Service center of OJSC “Zavod “PROMMASH” performs quality installation, commissioning, warranty repairs and service maintenance of equipment for professional cooking.

Constant service maintenance allows not only uninterruptible operation of equipment but also saving of time and money. We offer you immediate and quality solution of issues related to warranty and service maintenance on long-term basis. All works are performed in accordance with procedures that gives an opportunity to discover and eliminate faults in good time.

Service center of OJSC “Zavod “PROMMASH” performs the following works:

  • Installation and commissioning. Assembly, installation and connection of cooling and process equipment. Laying of new cable lines.
  • Warranty maintenance of equipment. Warranty obligations include: free replacement of units and parts in case of breakage due to manufacturer’s fault; replacement of equipment in case of 3 times breakage during warranty period. Repairs are performed in the service center or in the place of equipment operation.
  • Post-warranty and service maintenance of equipment. Advice and call of specialists to operation sites. Diagnostics, elimination of defects, replacement of spare parts, accessories and components. Compilation of technical documentation, development of electronic schemes and introduction of information on changes into Manufacturer’s datasheets.
  • “Turnkey” service maintenance. It covers all types of process equipment. It is possible to change or amend design of equipment and electric wiring diagrams, and to draw up corresponding documents. Renovation of old equipment.
  • Signing of long-term contracts for rendering of services. Maintenance of equipment is performed monthly on the basis of a contract signed with a customer under condition of timely payment.

Monthly payment for maintenance consists of the following components:

  • Subscriber fee for maintenance which depends on the amount of the maintained items of equipment;
  • Cost of replaced parts (compressor, temperature regulator, etc.);
  • Medium repairs are done in a workshop (if possible in the operation site); it should be paid separately.
  • Overhaul is done in accordance with technical documentation for equipment in a workshop; it should be paid separately.
  • Supply of manufacturer’s spare parts, accessories and components.

You can get more detailed information consulting our engineers for advice by telephone: