Production of “Zavod “Prommash” 

Thermal equipment  Download the equipment catalogue

Thermal equipment for public catering enterprises intended for thermal processing of food when catering of considerable amount of people is organized. OJSC “Zavod “PROMMASH” presents thermal equipment of the widest range.

Bread-making equipment

The bakery ovens are intended for baking of baked products under conditions of mini-bakeries, restaurant kitchens and small productions of agricultural sector.

The ovens are notable for reliability in operation, provided with a steam humidification system and inner lighting. The bakery ovens include proofing and baking cabinets as well as a range hood.

Under a customer’s request the bakery ovens are provided with auxiliary equipment: loaf moulds No 7, wooden pans, accumulation trolley, flour sifting and dressing machine, dough-mixing machine and serving tables.

Food service counter

Food service counter is a new development of OJSC “Zavod “PROMMASH”. This type of equipment is intended for food service and short-term storage of ready dishes in canteens, cafeterias and fast food outlets.

Food service counter is intended for fast and quality servicing of large amount of customers. Dispensers are assembled from individual components, means it has individual solution for each customer. Dispensersarecompletelymadeofstainlesssteel AISI 304.

The main advantages of the food service counter:

  • Efficient use of premises.
  • Individual furnishing of a line.
  • High precision of installation.
  • Adjustment of temperature in food warmers.
  • Tight mating of guides and smooth sliding of trays.

Neutral equipment

Metal furniture and safe boxes

Metal furniture is the most reliable and durable; it is highly desirable not only by corporate customers but also by private ones.

In case you need to equip locker rooms for personnel it is possible to resolve the problem with wide assortment of wardrobes made by OJSC “Zavod “PROMMASH”.

Usefulness and integrity are the main features of the presented metal wardrobe sections. Moreover, one can use metal wardrobes under conditions of high or low moisture and temperature. Wardrobes are not only components of locker rooms equipment in warehouses and production facilities but may also be used for keeping of clothes of swimming pools, sports clubs and educational institutions visitors. Thus, the wardrobes have quite wide application sphere.

Assortment and use properties of wardrobes made by OJSC “Zavod “PROMMASH” (Saratov) meet requirements of the most discerning customers. Different in size, shape and configuration models of wardrobes may be additionally fitted with benches (fixed on the external side), shelves for head-dresses, crossbars, hooks as well as dismountable shelves for footwear, soap-dishes, mirror, etc. For small rooms and in order to save space we developed double wardrobe sections joined in back wall.

At a customer’s request it is possible to modify any wardrobe model.

OJSC “Zavod “PROMMASH” considers proposals for manufacture of wardrobes to order.

Equipment under the “Galley” trademark

Spare parts, accessories and components

Shipboard equipment